The Best VPN Chrome Extensions for Australia 2022: Paid and Free

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Google Chrome has become the most used Internet browser today. Depending on which data you believe, the market share currently ranges from 59.69 % to 66.93 %.

With such a large user base, it stands to reason that many developers will focus their attention on this platform, which they have. Top VPN service providers like ExpressVPN and NordVPN have specialised VPN extensions for Chrome that allow you to browse safely, securely, and anonymously.

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3 Paid Subscription Chrome VPN Extensions Australia

Although I say paid, I should point out that the majority of VPN browser extensions available online are free to install. However, some will demand a paid subscription to the service before you can use such extensions (essentially making them paid extensions). Without further ado, here are our top three paid extension recommendations.

Reed on to Free To Install VPN for Australia

1. ExpressVPN: Streaming, torrenting, lightning-fast speeds, limitless data

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The ExpressVPN Chrome extension, like its apps, is fuss-free and simple to use. There are certain settings you may change, such as location spoofing and WebRTC blocking, but this is an excellent extension for individuals who prefer to click and go.

There is an option in the extension to modify your Windows app, but clicking on it launches the Windows app and you complete the setup adjustments there — not very remarkable. The extension's speeds are fair to moderate, but they could be worse.

Although I complain a little about the extension opening the app when various configuration changes are made, this, while inconvenient, adds to the extension's power. Fantastic for individuals seeking complete privacy and protection, while also functioning as a truly lightweight browser plugin.

Overall, I prefer ExpressVPN's plugin because it is supported by the company's comprehensive VPN service. They can open up new worlds to users via a specialized network of over 2,000 servers worldwide and have consistently ranked first in our VPN tests.

The Pros:

  • Simple to use
  • HTTPS is used everywhere
  • Server speeds that are adequate

The Cons: 

  • Slow server connection Slow upload rates

2. Nordvpn: Unlimited speeds, many servers, unlocks streaming platforms and many more

Best VPN Chrome Extensions

The NordVPN Chrome addon is ideal for individuals who prefer a simple click-and-go experience.

There isn't much you can do with the app. In terms of server selection, you can only select the nation. In my opinion,

While I was instantly connected to a US server, the connection was good enough for watching Netflix. The connection speed in Australia is sufficient, I got a good speed reading out of Melbourne.

The Pros:

  • Simple and uncomplicated interface
  • Server connections are lightning fast

The Cons:

  • There are no state-specific location options.
  • Certain servers have appalling connectivity.

 3. Surfshark: “Award-winning, the best VPN on the market”

The Surfahark Chrome extension, like their Windows and Mobile apps, is very easy to use. It has a very light feel about it and responds quickly to commands. Connections are established quickly and easily, with no need for configuration or anything else.

Basically, it worked right out the box. All you have to do is click to turn it on and then select the server you want to connect to. Speed tests reveal that it operates just as well as the main Windows version.

Chrome extensions have never been a favorite of mine. They appear to add heft to what is already a memory hog, yet the Surfshark Chrome addon feels exactly perfect. To use it, you'll need to have an existing account.

The Pros:

  • Fast speeds while being somewhat lightweight

The Cons:

  •  Limited features

Free VPN Chrome Extension Australia

1. PureVPN

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PureVPN is a full-service VPN provider, which means it has its own OS-based apps and also provides the PureVPN Chrome extension for 7-Day Free Trial. A 7-day test drive for all the new users. It means that you can use unlimited proxy on 5 locations, without having to pay a penny. In my perspective, the chrome extension is about as wonderful as any freebie could be.

To begin with, it provides customers with a very rudimentary anonymity service for free; all you need to do is sign up for an account. However, this service does have a few limits that I believe are reasonable for the price you pay (which is nothing).

Except for Romania, Australia, and Sweden, you will not be able to choose which location to connect to. Most geo-blocking apps, such as Netflix US, Hulu US, or BBC's iPlayer, will not work unless you pay a premium subscription.

On the other side, basic online browsing works well, and WebRTC protection is available. In fact, browsing speeds using PureVPN's Chrome extension were faster than usual, especially for free services.

The Pros:

  • Quick browsing speeds
  • There is no bandwidth quota.

The Cons:

  • Apart from basic web browsing, almost everything else necessitates a paid upgrade.

2. ZenMate

In terms of Chrome VPN extensions, ZenMate is quite good. The speeds are good, and there are a lot of extra settings and features that you don't usually see in free extensions. That, however, only lasts a week.

ZenMate operates on the ‘lure them in' philosophy, which means that when you sign up, you are automatically enrolled in their premium service. After a week of this trial, you are relegated to their free model.

It's not exactly horrible, but it's vexing. In any case, they provide strong and stable server connections at high speeds, so I have few complaints.

The Pros:

  • No limit on simultaneous connections
  • Cheap 3-year plan
  • Unblocks Netflix

The Cons:

  • Short on features

3. CyberGhost: Free Proxy Plugin, malware protection, 4 server locations

vpn chrome extension

I think the CyberGhost VPN plugin offers an excellent free experience.

Look for CyberGhost VPN in the Chrome web shop. Select ‘Add to Chrome' from the drop-down menu. After you've added the extension, you'll see the CyberGhost VPN logo with the other extensions you've added.

You can select 1 of the 4 countries where servers are accessible for free vpn chrome extension.

Their server speeds appear to fluctuate greatly, and although I only received mediocre speeds from their US servers, Asian was blazing fast!

When it comes to VPN services, I've said it before and I'll say it again: don't be deceived by the word “free.” Companies that offer free services must make up for lost revenue in some way.

When you take advantage of ‘free' offerings, you frequently jeopardize something, whether it's your privacy or losing control over your data. Some services will even use malware or website redirects to make money off of you. Take this as a fair caution.

The Pros:

  • No-hassle sign-up and connection
  • On a few servers, you can get some insanely fast speeds.

The Cons:

  • Varying speeds across country servers
  • Only 4 free servers.

VPN Browser Extensions Are Not the Same as Chrome Incognito

Chrome has already introduced an Incognito mode, which allows users to open a tab and explore without their browser history being stored. This simply means that while you surf, Chrome deletes your browsing history and then wipes cookies acquired during that session when you shut that window.

This is both ineffective and rudimentary.

Why? During a surfing session, data travels via more than just your browser. It passes through your router, your operating system, and may even be recorded by the websites you visit. This is especially important for people who use streaming services.

vpn chrome extension

Your IP address stays open and accessible, which means that any tracing can be traced directly back to you.

Know the Limitations of Chrome VPN Extensions

VPN Extensions, on the other hand, share many commonalities with VPN programmes. In reality, some are so identical that they just extend the functionality of the main VPN programmes. They are designed, for the most part, to provide greater ease and flexibility throughout your web browsing activity.

The most crucial thing to understand is that practically of VPN extensions are simply proxies. This means that they only have an impact on traffic travelling through the browser. The only exceptions are devices running Chrome OS and extensions that use Native Messaging.

Suffice it to say, the exceptions are few, so use the power of ANY browser-based VPN with caution.

1. Only Chrome traffic is secured

Although browser extensions provide similar benefits to full-fledged VPN software, there are important distinctions. As a result, VPN extensions are commonly referred to as proxies.

Proxies provide VPN-like benefits solely to your browser, in this example Chrome. Some apps on your computer that use your network will continue to have their data flow exposed.

This also applies to any other browsers you may use from time to time. For example, if you have the proxy extension for Chrome and run Microsoft Edge, your Chrome extension will not secure the data transfer on Edge.

Full VPN programmes encrypt data transit throughout the entire system. This implies that your single VPN app will safeguard data transmission from all elements of your system, including your browser, various applications, and even the OS itself.

2. Restricted encryption

Let me begin with a broad statement: most proxies today (not only VPN proxies) solely employ SOCKS and HTTP/HTTPS protocols.

In terms of browser extensions, this means that there are no encryptions while utilising SOCKS and HTTP. If you use a VPN plugin that supports the HTTPS protocol, you are essentially using SSL-level encryption.

This is especially important for VPN proxies that are completely free. Even for commercial VPN extension providers, I've discovered that not all nation servers support the HTTPS protocol.

3. Limited assistance

Unfortunately, this is true across the board, unless you use a proxy as a value-added service from a full VPN service provider like ExpressVPN or TorGuard. Users of free VPN extensions are typically limited to a FAQ, community-based assistance, or (if they're lucky) email support.

For this one, be prepared to struggle through challenges on your own.

The Advantages of Using VPN Addons

While there are distinctions, proxies can also be useful in some situations.

Uses in Specific Situations

Because of their reduced capabilities, proxies consume fewer system resources. Consider utilising a Chromebook if you a) have no other option and b) need to save system resources.

Specialized Risk Management

There is also the claim that Internet browsers are among the most prevalent targets for hackers. The only difference between browsers is the degree to which they are vulnerable to security threats. If you don't want to use a full-fledged VPN, you can use a VPN proxy extension to protect your data and hide your identity.

Ad-blocking software

Some VPN extensions include additional services such as ad blocking, tracker avoidance, and cookie management. This helps to remove garbage from the internet before it reaches you, but it may also result in some odd-looking web sites (sometimes).

Keeping WebRTC Leaks at Bay

Both Firefox and Chrome contain a security flaw that could lead to the disclosure of your IP address. This might be avoided by installing a full-fledged VPN programme, however several VPN extension providers have now integrated WebRTC leak protection into their extensions.

How to Select A VPN For Chrome?

Although Chrome VPN extensions are mostly proxy extensions, I believe that provided they stick to the key core principles of VPNs, they should be fine for the most part. The key is still privacy, security, and speed.

If you're still not sure that the selection process is reasonable and that any old VPN extension will suffice, let me introduce you to Hoxx VPN, which I discovered the other day. As I read through their material, I couldn't help but wonder why anyone would sign up for their service, even on a free account.

This VPN collects log data, blocks SMTP ports, collects device information, personal information, employs tracking technologies, and requires users to agree to information sharing with law enforcement agencies or governments… The list continues.

If you're as frightened as I was, you'll understand how critical your VPN partner selection is. So, with that in mind, let's take a look at some of the best Chrome VPN addons.

How Effective Are the Free VPN Chrome Extensions for Australia?

When it comes to VPN services, I've said it before and I'll say it again: don't be deceived by the word “free.” Companies that offer free services must make up for lost revenue in some way.

When you take advantage of ‘free' offerings, you frequently jeopardize something, whether it's your safety or losing control over your data. Some services will even use spyware or site redirects to make money off of you. Take this as a fair caution.

Should I Invest in a VPN Extension?

At the end of the day, I believe it is important to emphasize the main distinction between VPN apps and Chrome VPN extensions (or VPN extensions for any browsers, actually). VPN programs encrypt all network communication from your device, whereas browser extensions encrypt only browser-based data.

Because most devices nowadays, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, have numerous apps installed that use network traffic, simply protecting your browser-based traffic isn't nearly enough to keep you anonymous.

Here are two significant takeaways I'd like you to think about:

  1. A VPN program is required to completely safeguard all of your network activity.
  2. When you use a free plugin or browser extension, you are most certainly paying with your privacy.

If all you want to do is browse anonymously, a Chrome browser plugin might be for you. However, because the top VPN extensions require you to subscribe to their service in order to function, I strongly advise you to install a VPN software instead.


In conclusion, the best VPN Chrome extensions for Australia are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. These three VPNs offer reliable security, fast speeds, and a user-friendly interface, making them ideal for protecting your online activity while browsing in Australia. Whether you're looking to access geo-restricted content, secure your personal data, or simply keep your browsing private, these VPNs are a great choice. Overall, it is important to use a VPN service to protect your online privacy and security in Australia.