FastestVPN Review: Recently Improved And Low Cost VPN for Australia

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FastestVPN initially appeared on my radar in mid-2019, and I thought its performance was subpar at best at the time. I must admit that I was hesitant when I was asked to re-evaluate it this time. However, with a larger network and far faster speeds, this underdog, Fastest VPN, is rapidly rising in the world and also in Australia.

fastestvpn review

FastestVPN is headquartered in the Cayman Islands, which are a self-governing British Overseas Territory. Businesses based in these areas are governed by local laws and are not subject to crown regulations.

This, combined with the fact that the country's Personal Data Protection regulations have been greatly enhanced, creates an excellent climate for VPN service providers to prosper. FastestVPN has taken advantage of this and seeks to assure consumers that they would put up their best efforts to ensure their privacy and safety online.

FastestVPN has 6 amazing features that I love.

1. Consistently High Levels Of Security And Privacy

FastestVPN has made a strong commitment to its consumers, stating unequivocally that its customers' rights to privacy and security would be prioritised. Most significantly, it has said that it will not disclose any data (if any) with third parties, which is something we would expect from a VPN service.

Unlike some of the bigger companies, there have been no reports of FastestVPN leaking data or sharing information to authorities. This is something that consumers who value their privacy should be aware of.

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1.1 High Encryption Rate of 256 Bits

The greatest levels of encryption accessible to consumers today secure connections established through the FastestVPN app. Today, security professionals rely on and accept 256-bit encryption as the de facto standard.

It's also used by a lot of military systems, and it's nearly impossible to crack. It's considerably less likely that your 256-bit data will be cracked than that you will leak the data yourself, however accidently.

1.2 Proper Protocol Selection

Because of its reputation for being very safe and stable, many VPN providers nowadays are mainly relying on the OpenVPN protocol. Unfortunately, many of them have responded by disregarding other VPN protocols and refusing to give their users a choice.

While I dislike other protocols like L2TP and PPTP, I prefer IKEv2 because it is both secure and beats OpenVPN. FastestVPN gives its consumers a lot of options, including IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN (both TCP and UDP).

This provides users with a significant level of freedom, which is beneficial for reasons other than speed. Some users may experience compatibility issues while using apps to access the internet using the VPN. It eases the compatibility pressure by allowing users to toggle VPN protocols.

1.3 Network Address Translation (NAT) Firewall

FastestVPN has a built-in NAT firewall, which is beneficial to you because it improves the security of your devices. Consider the NAT firewall to be a mailman for your device, sorting incoming data packets.

It will only provide you the data packets that you have expressly requested, rejecting everything else. However, despite its benefits in terms of security, the NAT firewall should not be used in place of a specific Internet Security application.

Anti-Malware and Ad Blocker are included in version 1.4.

Normally, I'm not a fan of services that try to provide people with everything they need in an app that was created for something different. FastestVPN's anti-malware and ad blocker functions, on the other hand, are so inconspicuous and light that they are barely noticed.

This is beneficial because they do not contribute to the app's bloating while yet offering a valuable service. FastestVPN performs several functionalities on its own servers, which eliminates any potential pressure on your devices while also providing you with a bonus.

fastestvpn australia
Fastest VPN Australia

2. Excellent Value for Money

FastestVPN has a 3-year package that costs as little as $1.11 per month!

This is an incredible price range, making this a great option for budget hunters looking for some type of online privacy and protection. Obviously, if you have the funds, you can get a better service from other companies — but not at these prices.

With a monthly fee of $1.11, the service is basically free. Free VPN services aren't generally advised, and even the good ones, like NordVPN, will try to get you to upgrade to their commercial plans – which are significantly more expensive.

As a side note, be wary of VPN providers who claim to provide unlimited access for free. The majority of the time, these VPNs take your data and sell it to third parties for a fee. That is the only approach they can continue to operate. Some will do it discretely, while others would use in-app advertisements.

For amusement, fastestvpn includes a number of handy features.

3. Consistent Speeds

In every manner, the test results astounded me. The server was tested using the Ikev2 protocol on a Macbook Pro. Testing the service did not take long because the provider has a limited number of servers.

Unfortunately, the servers of FastestVPN in the United States lag substantially behind their competitors. Servers, on the other hand, perform admirably in Europe. Nonetheless, I believe that Australian servers may be improved.

You will receive the following information at this speed:
  • For United States servers, streaming is available in full HD, but in Europe, 4K video is available.
  • Browsing the Internet and social media at a high rate.
  • Torrent rates that are both reliable and quick 
fastest vpn austarlia

Fastest VPN For Mobile

Most operating systems are currently supported by the company's application. We used Wi-Fi and a 4.5G connection to evaluate the service. The ping, download, and upload values appear to be promising based on the data.

You get good performance with a Wi-Fi connection. The servers in Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States are fairly quick. Furthermore, a 4.5G connection provides download speeds of nearly 30 Mbps and upload speeds of 11 Mbps.

These indications will provide you with an ultra-smooth streaming and scrolling experience on social media and the Internet. Finally, it should be highlighted that when utilising FastestVPN's service, the application's connection has never been interrupted.

Test results for torrents

When using P2P services to download files, it's important to keep your IP address hidden. However, your ISP can readily track what you're downloading, and you could be sued and penalised if the material has distribution rights.

Secure VPN services can help you mask your online identity swiftly and securely (IP address). Aside from privacy, you should prioritise speed and stability. So, how about the torrent metrics from FastestVPN?

I've chosen a 2.19 GB file to download this time. It took around 1 minute to collect the seeds from the start of the download, and the speed did not surpass 500 + Kb / s. After several minutes of waiting, the torrent software located better seeds, the speed increased, and we were able to download the file in under 30 minutes.

The speed indications are, on the whole, acceptable. We didn't have any server hiccups, and there were no difficulties with stability. Follow the link if you're seeking for a VPN that will allow you to securely download torrent files.

FastestVPN Australia

I tried FastestVPN's Australian server and found flaws:

Server from Australia (Sydney)

Download speed0.91 Mbps
Upload speed0.23 Mbps
is FastestVPN really fast?

I'd expect a little more, to be honest, but still 0.91 Mbps is just fast enough to browse the internet, much less even stream or download. Other VPNs for Australia that I tried were substantially faster, even across vast distances.

4. Support for anywhere-streaming and peer-to-peer (P2P)

FastestVPN, like most  VPN service providers for Australia, can let you bypass geo-restricted content and stream from a range of media sources. We tried them with Netflix in this case and discovered that its US content streams smoothly. Unfortunately, for the time being, that is the only region they serve.

On a more positive side, FastestVPN offers P2P on all of their servers, so you can torrent while connecting to any of them. Of course, because your P2P speed is linked to the total VPN performance, there is a drawback.

If you're connecting to a Netflix server, for example, and the connection is poor for some reason, your P2P speeds will suffer as well unless you switch servers. When I was viewing Netflix and attempted to download on BitTorrent, I ran into this problem.

Finally, the most crucial point to remember when it comes to streaming with P2P is stability. As usual, I put FastestVPN to the ‘burn-in' test with Netflix, which is my excuse to binge-watch Netflix for ‘work.' I was able to watch two seasons of ‘The Office' in one sitting with no problems, so I would say the connection is steady.

Despite its obvious use, I believe that the speeds offered by FastestVPN aren't really ideal for P2P. Of course, how you utilise the service has a big impact on this. If you live in the United States, for example, you may be able to take advantage of fast P2P speeds as well as easy access to additional Netflix content.

5. Simple and Clean App

FastestVPN's Windows software is one of the greatest features. Its clean and simple design is resource-light, requiring only about 5MB of memory to run. The app's interface is clean and simple to use once you've tried it a few times.

5.1 Compatibility with a Wide Range of Devices

The VPN service is also accessible through a number of different platforms.

You can instal it on Windows, Mac, and Linux for the general public. Android and iOS are supported on mobile devices. FastestVPN may be installed on routers, PS4s, and a variety of other devices for a more customised setup.

fastestvpn australia

5.2 Quick Connect & Smart Tunneling

Smart Tunneling and Quick Connect are two settings inside the FastestVPN app that you may find yourself using frequently. The former allows you to allow apps you trust to connect to the Internet without going through the VPN tunnel.

This allows you to potentially reduce the load on your VPN while also increasing compatibility. If you discover that specific apps are unable to connect to the VPN, simply add them to your Smart Tunnel list. It's not perfect, but it broadens your possibilities.

Quick Connect is a time-saving function in which the programme choose which server to connect to. This decision will be made based on the optimal latency timings of its servers in relation to your location. This does mean, though, that you will almost certainly be connected to a server in your own nation.

In most cases, Quick Connect will be of little value in those situations, but if you're in an area where they don't have a server, it can be useful in locating the best nearby server for you in Australia.

6. Good Customer Service

As you can see in the screenshot below, FastestVPN assistance can be a little sluggish at first. However, I believe you will find the service agent to be both helpful and knowledgable about their service and systems once they understand what you're truly talking about.

I've noticed that most VPN services have recently increased their customer assistance efforts, and FastestVPN is no different. Despite the fact that I was in line behind two other people, I was served within five minutes of submitting a request.

FastestVPN also provides customer support in a variety of methods. You may always look to their knowledge base as a first point of contact, which includes a solid combination of well-organized FAQs, guides, and tutorials.

If it doesn't work, they also have live chat assistance available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As you can see, they get a solid reaction on that channel as well. Finally, if live chat becomes overcrowded and the wait time becomes an issue, you can email their support team.

FastestVPN has three flaws in my opinion.

1. Rare Bugs In The Service

Certain of the topics I'll address in this segment may be a little subjective, and some bugs may not be easily replicated due to the way VPNs function. However, I did find some flaws with FastestVPN that made it difficult to overlook.

After I paid for FastestVPN, I was directed to a download of their installation file. After installing it, I was startled to see that I was unable to connect to any of its servers, despite changing protocols and attempting various solutions suggested in their knowledge base.

Finally, I had to contact customer service, who instructed me to download and instal the OpenVPN GUI client and connect using that. After that, I discovered that even after installing the OpenVPN GUI, the FastestVPN app still connects with no problems.

The next issue I discovered was that connections to some servers were occasionally shaky. This means you may have to attempt connecting a few times before getting a successful connection. There appears to be no particular reason for this, but things did settle down and the issue was resolved after a while.

2. For Netflix, There Is Just One Connection Point

Although FastestVPN does function with Netflix, it is just for Netflix material in the United States. While that region has the greatest Netflix movie collection, some users may prefer access to other regions for more regional material.

Despite FastestVPN having ten sites in North America, the US Netflix connection is only available through a single point of access. This single access point poses a number of possible difficulties, including potential overload because all Netflix customers will be able to view from that spot, as well as what happens if something goes wrong.

3. Network And Server Resources Are Limited

With an unknown number of servers in 39 locations, FastestVPN offers a somewhat restricted coverage. Despite this, the distribution of such places is still quite good. The problem is that if any of the venues you wish to visit is overcrowded, you may not be able to find a convenient alternative.

The number of Fastest vpn servers is restricted.

Although FastestVPN's performance has improved with time, I don't believe their network growth has been as impressive as I had hoped. For many customers, this might be a make-or-break situation because it dramatically restricts their options – which is a big part of what VPN services are all about.

You'll notice that the speed tests I did earlier in the sections were limited to densely populated areas. This may help to highlight the fact that FastestVPN's restricted funding prevents it from making even more improvements.

Users may see a gradual increase in costs across the board as their rollout progresses in ability to continue operating and expanding.

Eventually, Should I Pay For FastestVPN?

To be honest, it all depends. Because VPNs are such an important part of my life and job, I'm spoiled for choice by the best fastest VPN Australia. My circumstance is obviously somewhat unusual, so it may not relate with many of you guys.

The more important question is whether you should pay for FastestVPN. FastestVPN is a great choice if you live in a densely populated area or if you're searching for a low-cost option that will get the job done.

It has a great starting point, and if you sign up now, you might not have to pay any price increases as they extend their service network. If you have more specialised demands and the financial means, I strongly advise you to use one of the premium service providers available, such as NordVPN.