Best cheap VPN Services For Australia

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Best cheap vpn for Australia

As strange as it may sound, cheap-cost VPN services can be really reliable! The top cheap VPNs provide reliable security and performance at an affordable price.

NordVPN has long been my top choice for the finest cheap VPN available. It has constantly improved over time, displaying a fantastic mix of performance, features, and pricing!

best cheap vpn

While the concept of ‘cheap' digital security appears to contradict logic, few firms have managed to attain that perfect “Zen” in terms of performance, functionality, and pricing. I've been testing the VPNs on this list for years, and they've only become better over time.

VPNs have long been a part of my life for a variety of reasons. Because the Internet has devolved into a war, I need them for everything from streaming services to data protection.

To be honest, cheap VPN services Australia aren't necessarily that different from their more expensive counterparts. What's more, they provide significantly greater privacy and protection than most free choices. This is a list of my favorites if you're looking for a reliable VPN that won't break the bank.


My story with Surfshark dates back almost to their inception. The low price lured me in, but it was the excellent Netflix experience that kept me hooked. They've improved an already superb service over time.

Key Features

  • 1,700+ servers
  • Unlimited devices
  • Ad & Track Blocker
  • Whitelister
  • Multi-hop connection

Connection Speed


Overall Rating

Star Rating

Price (USD)

from $2.94 /mo

“Embrace your full security potential”

Surfshark hasn't become bloated with an ever-increasing amount of features. Instead, it has concentrated on extending its server network and increasing speed. They've done an excellent job with the latter, thanks to WireGuard.

Why Surfshark is a good cheap VPN service?

✅ Constantly expanding server network

Building worldwide server networks is neither simple nor cheap. Surfshark first appeared on the market, competing with a few hundred servers. Almost the last three years, the number has risen to over 3,200.

✅ Netflix experience with No Buffering

I've never received the dreaded Netflix M7111-1331-5059 error number since I first joined to Surfshark. When Netflix discovers that you are using a VPN, it will disconnect you. It's been a smooth ride all the way.

✅ WireGuard is both stable and quick

Surfshark used WireGuard “as is,” with no desire to change it into something bespoke. So far, it's been a success. I never imagined that a VPN could equal the speed of my 500Mbps connection byte for byte.

✅ There is no device limitation

I use a lot of VPNs for personal and professional reasons, thus running out of connections to use isn't unusual. So far, Surfshark is the only VPN provider that has not implemented these limits. Unlimited connections are a lifesaver in the digital age.

There aren't any drawbacks.

I had the excuse that Surfshark was the newcomer. It is still relatively young in comparison to other well-known brands. Nonetheless, the novelty is wearing off, and it has proven to be reliable and trustworthy thus far.


When I first started looking for a VPN, NordVPN drew my attention because of its affordable cost. This is one of the few brands that offered two-year subscriptions at reasonable pricing.

Key Features

  • 5,600+ servers
  • Connect 6 devices
  • No logging
  • Double VPN
  • Split tunneling

Connection Speed


Overall Rating

Star Rating

Price (USD)

from $2.80 /mo

“One of the best VPN deals on the market”

They've raised their pricing slightly since then, but it's still an outstanding choice given the excellent level of service. Another factor that should be considered is that NordVPN is one of the very forward companies, routinely releasing updates and new features.

Why NordVPN is a good cheap VPN?

Huge server network

NordVPN has one of the broadest server networks among VPN providers. This reach is astounding, especially given how they've managed to keep prices under control. Multiple servers to choose from are usually preferable, especially when it comes to accessing geo-restricted content.

VPN Blockers are becoming easier to circumvent

Many companies and digital service providers discourage the usage of VPNs. Some companies, such as Netflix, will go to great lengths to prevent VPN connections. NordVPN's server obfuscation helps prevent this blocking by concealing VPN use as ordinary web traffic.

NordLynx is quick

NordVPN believed they could perform better than the standard WireGuard protocol. It improved the protocol's security by providing users with NordLynx. Despite this change, NordLynx speeds are amazing and far outperform vanilla WireGuard.

The no-logging policy has been audited

NordVPN experienced a server compromise in the past. While that wasn't ideal, the corporation learned from its error and tightened up everything. Since then, it has been subjected to frequent audits to guarantee that nothing similar occurs again.

⭕️ The disadvantage is that prices are rising

While NordVPN is still a very reasonable option, its rates have risen significantly over the years. Still, it's a minimal fee to pay for a VPN that provides such fast and high-quality service. NordVPN also uses the revenue to innovate and expand the features available.


iProVPN's most important advantage over the competition is that it has one of the lowest pricing points available. Despite its fairly restricted server offering, the company introduces some very fascinating and one-of-a-kind items.

Key Features

  • 250+ servers in 20 countries incl. Australia
  • up to 10 devices with just one subscription
  • Ad Blocker
  • Torrent Freely
  • Fast Buffering

Connection Speed

Very Good

Overall Rating

Star Rating

Price (USD)

from $1.3 /mo

“A VPN that has several privacy and security features at its core.”

While I wasn't very impressed with the speeds here, it isn't iProVPN's primary focus. Instead, the brand focuses heavily on privacy and security, which should please many VPN users from Australia.

Why iProVPN is a good cheap VPN?

Cheap VPN: Exceptionally Low Costs

While price is a major component in making this ranking, iProVPN pushes it to the extreme. It is unusual for major brand names to charge such a low price for their items. To get the most bang for your buck, you'll need to sign up for three years.

Torrent Freely & Watch Netflix Without Geo restrictions

Thanks to P2P support, download through torrents without bottlenecks.
No matter where you are in the world, you may have fast access to your favourite content. Enable VPN and start streaming localised content.

Servers in Australia

The iProPN server network is small (150+ servers), but they have servers in more than 20 countries, providing cheap VPN Australia for more than affordable price.

✅ There are business plans available

There aren't many consumer-grade VPN services that offer commercial plans. NordVPN has a Teams option, however it is still priced on a per-use basis. You can pay a flat fee for business use at iProVPN and obtain management options to manage all staff accounts.

⭕️ The disadvantage is that there are only a limited number of servers

iProVPN has been operating for a while, and it's expanding quite fast. Users will have fewer options and experience some subpar speeds as a result. Still, if you're looking for a cheap-cost VPN with a lot of features, iProVPN is an excellent option.


FastestVPN is the most recent addition to this list of cheap-cost VPN services. I've seen them grow since the beginning. While there has been significant progress, it is still far from the optimal level of capabilities for a good VPN.

Key Features

  • 40+ countries, 50+ locations incl. Australia
  • Connect 10 devices
  • Ad blocking
  • P2P Optimized
  • Smart Tunneling

Connection Speed


Overall Rating

Star Rating

Price (USD)

from $1.11 /mo

“Affordable price plus Free storage.”

Still, if you're only concerned about pricing, it's the best deal around. To be honest, FastestVPN is dirt cheap — yet it works. But there's potential here, and if you're on a tight budget, get in on the first floor and watch them grow.

Why FastestVPN is a good cheap VPN?

The Cost!

You are unlikely to find a cheaper choice elsewhere for the price that FastestVPN is offering. There are free VPNs available, but none to which I would entrust my privacy and security. Seriously, a modest order of fries at McDonald's will set you back more than FastestVPN's monthly fee.

Dedicated P2P servers

I'm skeptical of brands that allow “full-speed P2P” on all servers when torrenting. It's simply not viable given how much bandwidth this activity consumes. That is why I prefer brands like FastestVPN, which specialize in connecting to certain servers.

Apps that are lean

The FastestVPN program is simple, but it means there is less overhead involved in running it. It's perfect for running on a light system, even if speeds are slowed due to the encryption overhead.

A student discount is available

Even when my head is blown by how cheap FastestVPN is, it gets better. If you have a StudentBeans account, you can save an additional 20% off the subscription price. This means that your FastestVPN membership will be less than a dollar per month.

⭕️ The disadvantage is the small network

FastestVPN does not specify how many servers it has, although the network is spread throughout 40 or so countries. That is tolerable, but it falls far short of the reach provided by premium brands. Still, at this price, you can't really complain.

Atlas VPN

Quite new VPN on Australian market. But many factors operate in its favor, including low prices and a vast global network of servers.

Key Features

  • more than 750+ servers
  • 4k streaming
  • Block malware and ads & Tracker blocker
  • Unlimited devices

Connection Speed


Overall Rating

Star Rating

Price (USD)

from $1.9 /mo

“Highly secure freemium VPN service with a goal to make safe and open internet accessible for everyone”

Why Atlas VPN is a good cheap VPN?

Cheap as Chips

You might be able to locate a cheaper VPN than Atlas VPN, but not at the same level. Given how well-established this VPN service is, as well as its huge server network, there aren't many that can compete in terms of pricing and functionality.

Speeds that are adequate

Most Atlas VPN servers offer reasonable speeds for the fee you pay. There will be the occasional slacker, but the vast majority will get you up and running at a reasonable cost. This is especially true now that they embrace the WireGuard protocol.

Secure servers with NoSpy

Atlas VPN's SafeSwap servers allow users to access the internet from several IP addresses at a time, increasing anonymity online. These servers are hand-picked and positioned far from the jurisdictions of the 14 Eyes countries. Furthermore, no one other than Atlas staff is permitted to touch them. They are the best of the best.

Well Netflix streaming

Even while I have complaints about certain CyberGhost server speeds, there is no disputing that the most majority will handle Netflix streaming flawlessly. There will be no buffering, significant waits, or disruptions. It simply works for those who enjoy streaming.

What Characteristics Should Have a Good, Cheap-Cost VPN?

best cheap vpn
best cheap vpn Australia

Aside from price, there are surely other important factors that contribute to a good, cheap-cost VPN. But, not most of them might applicable to you because we all use VPNs for different reasons.

My main cause for using a VPN is to bypass Netflix region restrictions, but I also like how they help keep me more protected online. As a general rule, when selecting your ideal VPN provider, you need consider the following factors:

1. Performance: the speed and availability of the system

VPNs normally provide a large number of servers, however these can occasionally fall down. A good VPN service provider should keep as many of those servers running at a reasonable speed as possible. Furthermore, the servers should be available just when needed and not always “under maintenance.”

As a selling pitch, I've heard VPN service providers talk about their huge server farms. However, in practice, many of those servers provide such weak results that the benefit of choice is negated.

cheap vpn

2. Security features

Always be aware of the VPN service's privacy policies. Look for one that provides a “No-logs” service. This feature ensures that no information about your VPN server connection is retained beyond what is necessary to keep that connection momentarily.

Some VPNs additionally include value-added features such as RAM-only servers, self-owned and controlled servers, and ad-blocking. While these are nice to have, they aren't a “must-have” if price is your primary concern.

3. Safety

Most VPNs, as a rule, will support the maximum encryption level available today, 256-bit. Some may allow you to drop encryption settings to boost performance, but I strongly advise against doing so. The primary goal of a VPN should be privacy and security, so don't reduce yours excessively.

Certain VPNs will go above and above, such as VyprVPN's NoSpy servers. It isn't the only one, but for the most part, I've found these catchy names to be unimportant in the grand scheme of security. Keep your attention on encryption, and make sure there's a no-kill switch in place, and you'll be fine.

4. Streaming and peer-to-peer

Streaming on popular platforms and P2P activity is now supported by the majority of VPN providers. Look outside the major labels to discover if the streaming platform of your choice is supported. Even for Netflix, certain VPNs may only give access to a limited number of countries.

It is a matter of personal preference when it comes to P2P. I favor brands who focus on P2P on certain servers. Instead, you might want one that permits P2P on all servers. This factor is less important than streaming support – as long as P2P is not prohibited.

5. User encounter

Many components of a VPN might have an impact on the user experience. Some have clumsy apps that are difficult to use. Others may take an inordinate amount of time to connect to VPN servers. While this factor has no effect on connection quality, it might cause major headaches if you choose the wrong service.

6. Customer service

Even if you're an expert on privacy and networking, I guarantee you that customer service will come in handy at some point. Fortunately, it's simple to predict if a VPN provider will fare well in this market. Most websites provide a live chat option; simply ask them a random inquiry and see how they answer.

Some live chats aren't actually live chats at all, but instead give you an email response. This system isn't ideal; instead, look for one that reacts rapidly. More significantly, they should be well-informed and professional during the conversation.

Understanding cheap-Cost VPN Speeds

Many VPN users share the same complaint: “Why is my VPN so slow?” Some may believe it is because they signed up for a cheap VPN, however this is not always the case. A few factors influence VPN speed:

1. Server capacity

VPN servers are essentially equipment that must route Internet connections for a large number of users. The more users there are on a server, the more constrained the bandwidth gets, potentially slowing down overall rates.

While cheap VPNs may have a higher chance of this happening, it is not always the case. Consider Surfshark, which charges low costs while maintaining a large, high-performance network.

2. Latencies

The length of time it takes for your data to transit affects the overall VPN experience. That is, the greater the distance between a VPN server and your real location, the more probable you may experience slowdowns.

It is not always necessary to connect to a remote server. I recommend connecting to the nearest VPN server in an area you know has good infrastructure. This will drastically reduce latency and increase VPN performance.

3. Server caliber

The overall quality of a VPN server is the ultimate factor in speed. Unfortunately, this is not a simple (or even possible) thing to say. If you notice that a server continually provides slow speeds, it is most likely due to a server quality issue.

Why Do You Need a cheap-Cost VPN?

VPNs are a terrific tool that may be used in a variety of ways. Some are expensive and come with a lot of bells and whistles. It is not always required to sign up for the highest possible pay. Some cheap-cost VPNs are highly capable and versatile; it all depends on your needs.

Many cheap VPNs will suffice if all you want a VPN for is binge-watching Netflix material or accessing region-specific streams. The only thing you need to look for is whether the VPN supports the service you require.

The most important aspect of acquiring a cheap VPN is that even the most basic provides more security than not utilizing one. Today, the Internet is a dangerous place to be, with everyone from hackers to legal businesses attempting to steal as much information as possible from you.

VPNs can assist to prevent this. They are a crucial tool for keeping your data secure and functioning discreetly to keep websites from sucking you dry. Digital privacy is a vanishing right, and VPNs appear to be the only means to keep some sense of anonymity online.

What Is the Best Cheap VPN Service?

Here is a summary of our top cheap VPN providers in 2022:

By now, you should be aware that I am a great fan of Surfshark's well-rounded program. It's been a multi-year experience, and while I continue to test various brands, it remains my favorite child. But that's just my opinion.

I have no doubt that you would like anything else, and happily, the options are plentiful. Any of the other brands on this list may work just as well for you, depending on your priorities. Don't forget that the most of them come with a money-back guarantee, so get on board and try one out immediately.


1. Are cheap-cost VPNs secure?

Yes, cheap VPNs are secure. All of the cheap VPNs I've discussed here provide high levels of encryption as well as powerful security and privacy features. They also offer robust techniques that have been tried and tested across the industry.

2. Are there any free VPN services?

Yes, free VPNs are available. These are typically divided into two types. Some companies provide a free tier as a stepping stone to their paying programs. Others are available to everyone for free, but they are frequently unsafe to use and may steal and sell your data. You're usually better off selecting a strong cheap VPN from our list.

3. What is the reason behind the high cost of VPNs?

Operating a VPN service necessitates costly hardware and software, a large amount of bandwidth, and a high level of technical competence. Marketing and R&D funds are also required for network expansion and service enhancements.

4. What is the best cheap VPN Australia for Netflix?

Surfshark is still my favorite all-arounder for everything, including Netflix. Among the most reputable brands on the market, it provides the best mix of price and performance. In addition, I only need to sign up for two-year subscriptions.