Best Australian Web Hosting Deals in 2023

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Fast, dependable, and feature-rich, the best Australian web hosting comes at an affordable price. Above all, they can serve both local and worldwide audiences in just 200 milliseconds!

Are you looking for the finest web host for websites in Australia? Our best selection is Cloudways, which offers fast speeds in Sydney as well as high-end services at a low price.

We purchased web hosting accounts and put up 85 test sites to thoroughly evaluate their speed and uptime to find out the best Australian web hosting. We then narrowed down the top 5 web providers with the fastest response times for your website – regardless of where your target audience is located!

best web hosting australia
How to choose web hosting

Cloudways: The Best Australian Web Hosting

Cloudways is an interesting company. Cloudways is more of an integration point for many cloud services, operated from a single console, than a traditional host. They can assist you in setting up a cloud-based virtual server that meets your individual hosting requirements and preferences.

Their tagline drew our eye right away: ‘unlimited growth without limits.' The more we looked into it, the more we realised they weren't joking!

See, one of the things we like best about Cloudways is how much freedom it gives you to do things your way. It's not only a robust hosting option; it also gives you control and flexibility. We're talking about personalisation on a whole new level.

  • To get started, choose from world-class cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. That gives you a total of more than 60 data centres to select from.
  • You'll be able to customise a lot of server parameters, along with installing applications and upgrade packages, once you've chosen a provider.
  • If you require more resources, Cloudways allows you to extend your server storage capacity in a few clicks without disrupting your store's performance or previous customisations. You may also scale your RAM, processor, and bandwidth vertically with a single click. It doesn't get any more natural than that!
  • All of this is available on a flexible pay-as-you-go basis, making it a wonderful alternative to the traditional host contracts that tie you down.
  • Cloudways is a great option for tech-savvy business owners that know what they're doing and want a lot of freedom and control.
  • The large amount of personalisation possibilities, on the other hand, may be excessive for e-commerce webmasters who are just getting started.

Cloudways Cons

  • Domain registration, email hosting, and CDN allowance are not included.

Their most popular tiers vary from $33.30/mo (Google Cloud) to $50/mo (Linode), with variable storage and bandwidth levels built on top of a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Read our Cloudways review.

Hoopla Hosting

Individuals and corporations can use Hoopla Hosting to get regular web hosting with a variety of high-performance features. However, its plans are a little on the costly side, and customer assistance choices are limited.

Hoopla Hosting, which has been in business since 2011, offers web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. Individuals, small enterprises, and even major corporations can benefit from its services and policies.

Hoopla Hosting offers 4 different shared hosting plans, each with different bandwidth and storage capacity. You can take advantage of the following features with these plans:

  • SLA of 99.9% availability
  • SSD storage up to 60 GB
  • Each account has an unlimited number of domains.
  • Automated daily/weekly backups with Comodo SSL for free

Customers may manage their hosting with the cPanel control panel, which also includes the Softaculous installer for a variety of extra software. You also receive a website builder that allows you to start from scratch with a website template, theme, or entirely blank slate.

The higher-than-average costs of Hoopla Hosting may reflect the great quality and features. No free domain registration, but you get Comodo SSL for free (which is an added cost at the checkout). If you're on the fence about signing up with this host, you can rest easy knowing that you get a 30-day money-back guarantee if you change your mind within the first month.

You've come to the right place if you're seeking for a web host with high-performance features. You don't have to jump through many hoops to join up with Hoopla Hosting because you can buy plans totally online.

Hoopla Hosting Cons

  • There are no free domain registrations available.
  • There is no free trial available.


HostPapa is a new web hosting company based in Canada.

The hosting options are primarily designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized organisations. Despite the inclusion of numerous services such as unlimited disc space, unlimited bandwidth, personal website tolls, and one free domain name for life, the hosting remains quite good.

They may be a small, independent firm, but don't let that fool you: their quickness gives the big boys a run for their money. They may not have the most up-to-date features or complex technology, but they've focused on what they do best: offering a wonderful user experience with strong core services.

hostpapa deals

HostPapa achieved a global average of 121.7 ms on their Canadian data centre, which is quicker / as fast as the top-rated web hosting accessible! They're clearly the fastest in Canada (8ms), but they're also lightning fast in Germany, London, and the United States!

Sydney is at 180 milliseconds, which is not bad.

  • Their user interface is well-designed and straightforward to use for beginners. If you still can't get started, a personal video or phone call with the PapaSquad will assist.
  • When it comes to the PapaSquad, the support has been incredible. We never had to wait long for a response on live chat, with responses arriving in under a minute.
  • HostPapa has a lot to offer in terms of features, including 2 websites, a free domain, 100GB SSD storage, free SSL, free Cloudflare, and a 99.9% uptime guarantee for just $3.95 per month.
  • Best of all, HostPapa uses 100 percent green renewable energy to power its data centres and offices, which is great for the environment!

A fantastic option for newcomers and small businesses!

HostPapa Cons

  • HostPapa has a small data centre network.
  • No free automated backups, and their uptime guarantee is questionable.

Other things worth mentioning about HostPapa is that they truly aim to live up to their tagline, “Let Papa take care of you.” As a customer, you will receive discounts, bonuses, and freebies, as well as advice on how to make your website and business more famous. Overall, a dependable web host with high-quality hosting.

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Pressable is a WordPress-specific web hosting company. Their servers are optimised and set to run WordPress at its best, while also allowing you to upgrade your hosting resources as your business expands.

Pressable WordPress hosting is the type of web hosting that is meant to serve modern businesses, allowing you to take use of WordPress's flexibility, ease of use, and efficiency without incurring any downsides or additional fees.

This is Amazing WordPress Hosting – If you want to find a better WordPress host for a similar cost, you'll have to work extra hard. Pressable provides a superb service with various extra features, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free WordPress hosting experience.

Pressable's servers are setup to run WordPress optimally, unlike other hosts who offer standard shared and managed hosting plans that can be utilised for WordPress. This means that your website can handle more users while having fewer issues.

Daily Backups. Most hosting companies will make you pay extra for backups, but Pressable includes them as a standard feature. Regular backups ensure that your website can be restored with minimal data loss, come rain or nasty super-hacker.

Malware scanning is another feature that only a few hosting providers provide for free. This will assist you avoid someone leaving hidden points of entry in your WordPress software that could be utilised to harm you and your business several years down the road

Pressable's Cons

  • Customer service isn't the best. They don't have an email address, for example, so you can't reach them. To make a support request, you must first log in to their website.
  • Few Extra Services – Pressable does not sell domains or a large number of additional services.


HostNoc runs some of the largest cloud platforms dedicated server setups in the world, aimed at small ventures, independent organizations, and enterprises alike.

Leverage the power of reliable and super-efficient dedicated Windows or Linux based servers when you collaborate with an innovative, out-of-the-box and professional server hosting provider. Hostnoc’s easy-on-the-pocket dedicated root servers are empowered to provide you with the highest level of availability, flexibility, efficiency, massive traffic, state-of-the-art hardware, and the most trailblazing processors.

HostNoc’s high-performance servers are catered to your requirements; only after meticulously scrutinizing your unique business needs do their experts craft a package that fits your budget and aligns with your unique business goals. Due to its focus on dedicated hosting, you can enjoy immediate response time, low latency, and fast connections, in addition to expecting full control and access to the core functions of your server.

HostNoc is famous for its round-the-clock proactive monitoring of your servers to ensure 100% uptime. A dedicated NOC Admin team receives prompt response to all alerts and responds immediately to thwart server issues before they affect your performance.  Enjoy direct assistance on all configuration and technical matters with managed support. With daily and weekly automated backups, your data is available and secure whenever you need it.


Being in business since 2007 has allowed ScalaHosting to perfect their web hosting service.

They appear to have put that time to good use, since they've managed to build features in-house, such as their unique SPanel CMS and SShield Security System, which help them keep their rates low.

Their offerings span from email hosting to managed cloud VPS, but for the purposes of this study, we'll be comparing their entry-level Start web hosting plan.

ScalaHosting looked very good in terms of speed, holding their own among the best web hosts on the list.

The test site we had for this comparison has a data centre in Europe, and it performs admirably, with speeds exceeding 200 milliseconds only in Japan, Sydney, and Sao Paulo.

If your target audience is based in the United States, you can choose one of their USA servers, which should work well with customers from that country.

ScalaHosting Cons

  • Limited server locations (US/Europe only)

However, at only $7.95 a month, ScalaHosting offers practically infinite functionality, free migrations, SSL and domains, and an award winning support team that works around the clock to keep customers pleased.

To learn more, check out our in-depth ScalaHosting review.

WP Engine 

WP Engine is the most well-known Managed WordPress hosting provider. They were one of the first to do so, and today host Cancer Research, Rightmove, HTC, and a number of other well-known companies.

The ‘Personal' entry level package is generous, with a staging environment, one-click backup, and free site migration included. It's suitable for up to 25,000 monthly visitors, but you'll need to upgrade to gain access to additional resources and 24/7 phone assistance.

Because their server is in the eastern United States, the server speed is unbeatable if your target audience is located there. I also like their 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you may cancel it if it doesn't work out.

WP Engine Cons

  • WP Engine contains a list of forbidden plugins that you should review before committing.
  • Premium customers have access to round-the-clock help.

Should I Go With A Local Hosting Or A Global Web Host?

It's only natural for Australians to want to support their own country's businesses, including web hosting. Because networking technology has advanced so much in recent years, we should expect to see more world-class web hosting companies spring up all over.

But, for the time being, our humble opinion is that we favour international hosting providers, such as Cloudways, because they offer a far better price-to-value ratio.

Because Cloudways has a data centre in Australia, you can rest assured that your site will meet Core Web Vitals criteria (more below). They also have 7 top-notch data centres around the world, allowing you to target different locations if you so desire. And they've managed to stay one of the most cost-effective hosts on the market.

We'd definitely advocate dealing with international brands, particularly WP Engine, unless Australian web providers can match that level of value.

What Is the Importance of Web Hosting Speed?

To successfully launch your website into the global market, you'll need a fast web host to support it.

You may believe that customers will wait a second or five for your website to load, but that way of thinking will have you regretting your poor life decisions every day.:

Core Web Vitals, for the uninitiated, will eventually play a significant role in Google's ranking criteria. It focuses on three components of the page experience: cumulative layout shift (CLS), largest contentful paint (LCP), and First Input delay (FID). The last two are extremely reliant on server performance!

People will grow bored and swipe away if your site is slow to load, which notifies Google that your site doesn't meet their search intent, causing you to lose valuable search rankings.

best australian web hosting
  • According to Think with Google, you should keep site load times under 1 second because up to 32% of visitors would abandon your site if it takes 1–3 seconds to load.
  • If the page load time exceeds 3 seconds, 32% of users will abandon the site.
  • This is the equivalent of losing 30% of your company due to delayed site load times, and this is just from a 1–3 second wait!

In other words, if your small business relies on slow web hosting, you'll lose consumer trust, sales will drop, and online critical metrics will suffer, causing you to slip in search engine rankings.

You could be losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in sales!

You should also be aware of the unspoken correlations between the speed of your website and customer behaviour:

First impression

Customers will form opinions about your company during the first few seconds of seeing your website. They'll be satisfied and continue surfing if your site loads swiftly. If it's too slow, they'll become dissatisfied, and that dissatisfaction will linger every time they encounter your brand.

Customers are easily bored

If your site fails to attract the customer's interest, either through slow loading times or unappealing content, they will leave and not return to your website.

<meta charset=”utf-8″>Customers are concerned

People are wary about shopping on the internet. Slow websites are seen as untrustworthy, as their orders may go missing or be mixed up, and so on. People will regard your company or site as more professional and reputable if it is faster, which will help with purchases.

How Do We Check Web Host Speed of The Best Hosting In Australia?

We use a server speed checker.

It was made to check server response times all around the world. You can use it to test how quickly your server responds to queries from various countries.

What is our yardstick?

A+below 180 ms
A181 ms – 210
B+211 ms – 220 ms
B221 ms – 240 ms
C+241 ms – 280 ms
C281 ms – 360 ms
D+361 ms – 520 ms
D521 ms – 840 ms
E+841 ms – 1480 ms
Eabove 1480 ms

The following is how we ranked the web hosts we evaluated:

You should aim for a ranking of B or higher for your website. The better your website performs against Web Vital Core criteria, the faster your server response times are.

Best Domain Hosting Australia: What Else Matters?

Along with speed, there are a few other qualities that a web host must possess in order for us to consider them good – here are a few to keep in mind.


We're trying to find a decent mix between inexpensive pricing and high-quality web hosting. Choose a host that can supply you with the features you require at a price you can afford!

Provide excellent customer service

When working with websites, complications might arise, and it's helpful to have a team of professionals on hand to assist you in resolving your issues. Make sure you choose a web host with a strong reputation for customer service.

Ensured uptime

If your site is continually down, it will be irrelevant to you and your audience. We're looking for a web host that can at the very least guarantee a 99.9% uptime.

Safety and security

The lack of malware and hacker security in web hosting leaves your website and data vulnerable. Choose a host with a proven track record in terms of security, malware, and hacker protection.


In terms of features, it's always wonderful to get more than you paid for. While some web hosting companies may provide more services, they may not be the fastest.

Choose a web host that offers a good mix of important features, speed, and cost.